Total Support Service

Services are provided from eight categories according to the customer's business and request. From telephone inquiries to onsite maintenance, introducing services that suit the customer’s purpose will result in labor-saving and productivity improvement for the customer.

① Call Center Agent

Three hundred agents provide 24/7 call center service to end users. OKI Crosstech can meet the needs of manufacturers looking to set up a call center start-up scheme.

② Help Desk

Telephone support responds to customer inquiries until problems are resolved. OKI Crosstech will provide help desk service that reliably follows response protocols and manuals. Customer service to end users can be improved without investing in a call center facility.

③ Monitoring Agent

To ensure a 24/7 stable operation of the customer’s vital systems and networks, OKI Crosstech will handle daily operations such as monitoring operation status and applying security patches as well as diagnosing abnormalities and remotely running recovery measures.

④ Remote Diagnosis

OKI Crosstech will remotely run diagnostics and recovery measures when equipment abnormalities occur.

⑤ Predictive Maintenance

OKI Crosstech can improve equipment’s operating rate by online collecting/analyzing of operation and status data, detecting signs of equipment failure, and performing inspection before trouble occurs.

⑥ Onsite Maintenance

OKI Crosstech can provide onsite maintenance of various products.
A network of 200 service centers nationwide shortens response time after a repair is requested. Onsite maintenance during off-hours and on holidays are also offered.

⑦ Repair Agent

OKI Crosstech will perform such services as equipment maintenance, inspection and cleaning backed by technologies, know-how and logistics cultivated in the repair of OKI products. Requests to repair other companies' equipment are also accepted.

⑧ Operation Agent

OKI Crosstech will act as an agent for the operation and management of customer equipment performing such tasks as maintenance and security changes. This service will enable labor-saving for customers.

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