About Us

Major OperationCorporate Information

Provide one stop solution for creating and maintaining ICT infrastructures and electrical/environmental facilities

Over 3,000 staff members provide 24/7 support at 180 sites throughout Japan
“Nationwide support system” is OKI Crosstech’s major strength

OKI Crosstech, a group company of Oki Electric Industry (OKI), covers a wide range from design, construction and maintenance of ICT systems and electrical/environmental facilities to customer support of equipment from various manufacturers.

Company provides high quality solutions and support based on know-how cultivated through years of experience.

Disaster Prevention
Provide cutting-edge technologies such as firefighting / disaster prevention wireless systems and tunnel disaster facilities. Already provided over 130 tunnel disaster facilities.
Construct smart ICs that utilize ETC technology to enable highway entry/exit from service and parking areas.
Install and set up ATMs at banks and convenience stores nationwide. Also propose labor-saving solutions for banks.
Possess wealth of experience in designing, constructing and maintaining office buildings. Propose building management systems including energy saving solutions.
Pursuing carbon neutrality in 2050, expertise in electrical facilities / EMS(*) technology and construction is utilized to provide system construction and stable operation for the GX era.
Office Environment
Propose an optimum environment for customer’s business such as construction of an office telephone system or network.
Co-create with medical equipment manufacturers and monitor the operation of medical and nursing care equipment. Also provide customer support services, which contribute to stable daily operation.
Provide construction of network environment in school facilities and campuses as use of tablet PCs begin to proliferate even in elementary schools.
Install surveillance cameras and security gates to check entry/exit of office buildings and hospitals, and perform everything from system construction to operation.
  • *:EMS:Energy Management System